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Professional Course

Remembrance Practitioner

The Remembrance Modality is based on the understanding that within each of us there is a whole and divine part that is waiting to be remembered and woken up inside of us. By using healing frequencies and powerful work in the Quantum Field, we are able to do just that.

This offering is more than just a practitioner training. It is a deep dive into a rich and neverending spiritual development journey. It is an opportunity for you to remember the essence of your soul and have the tools to do the same for everyone that you meet. 


Hi, we are White & Ori

We have designed this world first experience because we understand that sometimes the best way to find our soul's purpose is to give ourselves space from our often busy schedule. We invite you to join us to relax for a weekend in a luxurious Desert Oasis, featuring treatments in Moa's Natural Lake, and workshops accompanied by crystal bowls and voice therapy. Over the weekend we will use healing sounds that cross the mind to pave a direct and accelerated way of communicating with the heart and soul.

International healers and musicians, founders of the Remembrance Modality and your workshop creators and hosts.


  • Give you an internationally recognized certificate in the Remembrance Modality and Crystal Bowl Therapy;

  • Give you the necessary tools to begin practicing as a confident Remembrance Modality Practitioner and Crystal Bowl Therapist;

  • Support your spiritual growth and healing;

  • Help you discover, nurture and share your own healing gifts with the world;

  • Introduce you to a range of healing methods and tolls, guiding you to discover how you can implement this into your own healing practice;

  • Gain theoretical and experiential knowledge and guidance to strengthen your connection to the source; and

  • Priceless tools and knowledge that will enable you to express your destiny.


  • Crystal Bowl healing, using frequencies to activate light codes in your clients DNA;

  • Crystal Healing, through balancing systems in the body and releasing memories locked in cells;

  • Healing with the 13 central frequencies of creation evident in the Metatron Cube;

  • Healing through the Three Hearts of Creation using theta and gamma waves;

  • Tuning and retrieving information through the voice, your most significant tool (no need to know how to sing);

  • Activating the three energy stores to tune and receive Remembrance information; and

  • Implementing updated subconscious programming on your client.


  • The face to face sessions will run over 3 weekends - Friday & Saturday from 10.00 until 17.00;

  • After the completion of the 3 weekends, White will personally mentor you in 5 supervision sessions;

  • You will have life-time access to the 27 lesson internet course with meditation;

  • White & Ori will personally host 8 LIVE learning webinars;

  • You will receive a 100 page Remembrance Practitioner Handbook to guide your learning; and

  • You will have the support of a community of like-minded healers in our active Facebook and WhatsApp groups.


11:11 Activating

DNA Light Code

Video recording of live seminar.

VALUE: ₪650


11:11_Practitioner Bonus
practitioner training.jpg


In a magical corner of the world - there is a place that when you walk in you breathe deep and want to stay. Yoga Home’s vision is to allow support and home space for inner work, to accompany, teach and learn from each other in order to walk the personal path together, in support. Feel free to feel at home.

Water Remembrance

Irit Dvlastein

A weekend at Moa immersed in the Remembrance model was a gem in every way. I had the pleasure of participating in such an immense and wide-ranging experience, the divine vocals, the wavering melody, the water work and the lyrics that were precise and easy to capture. White and Ori activated and raised the frequencies to gain and resonate with many shades and sounds.

Water Remembrance

Noa Barak

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing experience I went through at this wonderful weekends Water Remembrance. No words can describe the experience I had. I feel that by being able to participate, I received a huge gift.

Water Remembrance

Yafit Weinstock

A daughter invited by her mother writes to her: "My beloved mother, the gift of life is the first and amazing gift you have given me. The second gift, this workshop, a thousand words cannot describe the power, sounds, tranquility and experience that is no less than divine...

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